#stayhome2photoJoin the hunt! During this Covid-19 lock down let's get together (virtually) and have some fun. Share your daily item find, comment and cheer each other on.


Join the Hunt!

I have started a group on Facebook that is open to the public https://www.facebook.com/groups/145021133537164/?source_id=194806157333669.  You can also participate via Instagram using #stayhome2photo then #(the daily item followed by jaa) ex. #REDjaa  The daily item will be listed on the Facebook group page every morning and also posted to my Instagram account.  You can enter your daily image to both FB and Instagram. But Only 1 picture per day. ( See the other guideline below)


My Instagram account is JamieAustinPhotography I also started StayHome2Photo.  Find me and follow. Then simply post your image.

1. In the caption type #stayhome2photo

2. In the Tag People section below the caption Tag one or both of the accounts listed above.

NOTE* If your account is Private, I can not see your images unless we are friends or following each other.

3. To see what everyone is posting go to the search magnifying glass and search for the hashtag #stayhome2photo

Facebook Users:

1. Search for the group Stay Home - Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenge

2. Hit the JOIN button. I will them accept your request to join

3. Go the the discussion page. Post your daily image in the Status Bar (WRITE SOMETHING)

4. Check back tomorrow to add your new image and see the previous days winner! 


For the duration of our lock down (quarantine/social distancing) I would like to engage everyone and anyone in a daily photography challenge!  (Facebook and Instagram are not affiliated with this group/challenge in any way) Read below for Rules and "Scoring"

Every day I will list the scavenger hunt item/theme of the day.  You will have the entire day to photograph the item and post it in this group! I will choose the winner of the day and post it on my Photography Facebook and Instagram pages (and possibly my website) I will also do positive critiques and offer feedback for learning purposes and to explain the decision which will be at my discretion.

There are no camera requirements. 

Throughout this lock down I will be keeping track of participation and scores.  At the end (whenever that is) I will name First, Second and Third place Scavenger Hunt Winners..  I would love to say that there will be a prize, however, with so much uncertainty during this time I do not want to promise something that I may not be able to follow through with.  I will be sure to announce if that changes.

Please join in with a flexible and carefree attitude.  This is my first attempt at this sort of thing so be prepared for changes, additions, subtractions and imperfections.  I will do my best to stay on top of this challenge, but there may be days it just won't happen especially as we proceed through these uncharted waters.

By participating and posting images you are giving permission to have your images shown in this group and on other social media and website with credits given to the person that took the picture. 

1. One entry per person per day- (Parents/guardians may enter one image for each child that wants to participate as well.  Please list the photographer and age in the image description. Use a pseudo name if you do not wish to share your child's name).

2. Enter on Facebook or Instagram

3. The image MUST fit the daily theme.

4. Images should be straight out of the camera. NO Manipulation (filters, Photoshop, Lightroom etc) Cropping is ok

5. All skill levels are welcome to join and share

6. NO nudity, vulgarity, violence, bad language, or anything inappropriate

7. Images must be YOUR own images. DO NOT steal or claim copyright of someone else’s work. Adults posting for children must state such. See #1

8.There will be NO negativity, NO rude comments, NO Bullying, NO Politics, NO business promoting, NO content that has nothing to do with photography and this group, NO slander...you get the point

9.Images may be disqualified and removed if the above rules are not followed.


Choosing "Winners"

I have not fully decided on specific criteria as I may need to see how this goes. However, here are some basic ways to get noticed and "score"

1. Make sure the image is right for the daily item/theme. 1pt

2. The main subject should make up the majority of the frame (image)1-3pts

3. The subject should be in focus and not blurry 1-3pts

4. Nice Composition 1-3pts

5. Creativity 1-5pts

6. Participation (enter as many days as you can!) 1pt

Additionally, I am going to try to add some tips and basic photography pointers in the UNITS section on Facebook.  This is all free with no catch.  I just want to offer some positive distraction and comradery, while teaching something I love. 

I look forward to see your images!