Hi there! 

Thanks for stopping in to check me out.  I know you are busy, so let's get right to what you need to know!

I am a portrait photographer specializing in Seniors, Teens and Dancers as well as Picture Days for schools and studios. 

I love all sessions, but my absolute favorite is working one on one with my Portrait Session clients and Seniors.  The creativity and uniqueness of each shoot is a driving force.  The amazing part is finding that place where the comfort sets in, the embarrassment melts away and we can create something really special.  Catching that natural pose or expression from a challenging preschooler at picture day or a seasoned model is all I need to make my day.

I am extremely flexible and relaxed.  It is so important to me that each and every client not only enjoys their time in front of the camera, but that they fall in love with their image collection.  Communication is key from the beginning.  Your input is so important to me.  I want to know your goals and expectations.  I want you to share your ideas, inspirational photos, and styles.  I implore you to contact me with any questions.  It's never silly or bothersome.  After your session, if something needs adjusted, just ask.  Your happiness is my happiness.